Studio Iknoki


Habsburg “Lions”, old and new mythologies, nostalgic dissidence, Eurovision idents, a typeface, 8 flags and a gift shop: all of these elements shape our fictional tale of the Mitteleuropa. The speculative project, between reality and fiction, aims to inquire the contemporary processes of collective narrative and shared beliefs based on a mythology from the past: the one from the Habsburg and the Mitteleuropean heritage. Mitteleuropa as a term is ambiguous and uncertain too. It doesn’t only define a geographic or geopolitical area, nor only a historical period. It’s something more. It’s a sort of “floating signifier” whose meaning depends upon the relationships with different material or immaterial elements. And as a result of this condition, through cheap and vulgar oversimplification, it became a stereotype, a sort of fictional and false myth for the masses for conservative political exploitation and commercial and “pop” reasons. However after a more in-depth study of Mitteleuropa as a term, it should be argued that it was more linked with a metaphor of protest, dissidence and criticism of the status-quo.

YEAR – 2018
CLIENT – Galleria Cavò, Trieste

Visual identity, Type design