Studio Iknoki

We are a graphic and type design studio with more than ten years experience, working within different fields of communication design. We design books and magazines, custom and retail typefaces, visual identity systems and digital tools for cultural institutions, agencies and brands. Combining a strategic approach with creative expertise, our method is built upon a continuous research on visual communication and how it relates to the contemporary complex scenario.

From the Dolomites to the Adriatic sea passing through the urban sprawl of the north-east of Italy, the studio is based between Treviso and Trieste and is currently run by Francesco Greguol and Christian Jugovac.

Rooted in the past, based in contemporary visual culture.


Francesco Greguol
+39 347 1014036
p.i. 04531250266

Christian Jugovac
+39 340 5703033
p.i. 01216430320


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